Arlington Performance Care (APC) offers active care designed to prevent, evaluate, treat and rehabilitate injuries for active individuals of all ages.  We take pride in our ability to return patients to active duty/play in an industry leading time frame.  Treatment schedules are designed to accommodate in-season competitive athletes on an urgent basis. 

We combine the most cutting edge techniques based in both neuroscience and orthopedics to get results. We are constantly looking to progress our approach every day by studying interventions from all over the world. Our goal at APC is not only reduce pain and improve function, but to give the patient tools to prevent injury and improve performance going forward.


Our Approach


Find - Pinpoint Examination

The most valuable component of injury recovery is locating the breakdown in the system permitting force (acute or repetitive) to damage the tissue of concern.  Many times the cause of the injury is not where the pain is manifesting itself


Fix - Balancing & Reset

We target the nervous system to reset and balance any compensations that the injury or pain has caused. Performing this step prior to other interventions is the key to getting fast results. 


Strengthen - Integrate

Once the nervous system is reset, and working optimially it is crtical to integrate those new patterns into whole body functional movements that are applicable to the patients discomfort. 



We equip patients with a large toolbox of techniques that they can continue to use which will prevent reoccurrence of pain and improve performance. 

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